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The Great Project

Restoring the martime character of the Mont Saint Michel

The Mont-Saint-Michel is characterised by its huge bay battered by the highest tides in the world and which revals at low tide a huge expanse of sand.

Threatened by rising sand which gradually invade the bay, the Mont-Saint-Michel is now the subject of a national ecological project.

In 1995, the State, the Region of Lower Normandy, Brittany and the town of Mont-Saint-Michel signed the project to restore the maritime character of Mont-Saint-Michel.

The aim is to restore a landscape of pebbles and sea around the Mount.  The Great Project is one of the largest ecological projects in the world.

It has four main actions :

- Reactivate and strengthen the work of the flushing system of the Couesnon to rid the sediment through a dam. It has valves that work in both directions to bring out the waves and tides.

- Replace the causeway built in the late nineteenth century by a footbridge which will restore the water circulation and the Couesnon around Mont-Saint-Michel to accelerate the process of dredging.

- Move the car parks around the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel to the mainland to remove an obstacle to the work of nature while improving the esthetics of the area around Wonder of the West.

- Develop a shuttle system between Mont-Saint-Michel and the mainland and a new reception area.

These huge works to be carried out between 2010 and 2015, are intended to restore the maritime character of Mont-Saint-Michel, to remove the build up of sand and to preserve the ecosystem of this area.

The Mont Saint Michel is open to the public throughout the renovation works.

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