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The tides at Mont Saint Michel

The highest tides in Europe can be seen at Mont Saint Michel.  Twice a day, the tide comes into the bay at great speed over an expanse of 15 km.


What you need to know about the tides at Mont Saint Michel :


  • During spring tides, the sea withdraws 15 kilometres in 6 hours.
  • The sea comes in at a speed of 20 to 30 km/h, « at the speed of a galoping horse » according to Victor Hugo.
  • The tides are the reason for this great biological phenomenen in Mont Saint Michel bay
  • The tidal bore is a powerful wave which flows up the Sée, the Sélune and the Couesnon.  It is a rare phenomenen that occurs in only twenty estuaries in the world and which can be seen at Mont Saint Michel !

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